Refresh your technology now to avoid future costs...

Within a year both SQL Server 2008 (9th July 2019) and Windows Server 2008 (14th January 2020) will no longer be supported. Running unsupported software leaves your organisation open to threats, increasing the risk of security breaches and downtime. Potentially costing you time and money. Act now to stay protected.

What does our assessment provide?

Our assessment is the first step to protecting yourself, creating a road-map to a modernised and fully supported Azure working environment. Our consultants will asses your requirements to provide everything you need to act swiftly and plan with confidence.

You will receive:

  • A full assessment of your current on-premise environment
  • A comprehensive impact assessment to determine the potential scope of your migration
  • An options review based on Microsoft's migration methodology
  • Cost estimates of each option

As an Azure Expert MSP, we have the knowledge and experience to guide your next steps with commitment to helping you leverage the utmost value from your Azure solution. In addition, Microsoft has committed to extending support for end of life solutions by an additional 3 years if migrated to an Azure environment.